YouTube Clips Share & Hashtag Landing Page Update on YouTube


 YouTube clips share & hashtag landing page update on YouTube 


Hello guys in this post I will explain about the interesting new update on YouTube. This new update is very excited and very useful for creators I will clearly e tell about the new updates one by one

1. YouTube Clips Share

Initially the motivators are asking for creating YouTube clips and sharing clips to others. Now the YouTube will launch the new feature YouTube clips. This feature let you capture short videos clips and Share . You can video clips in the range of 5 to 60 seconds and share to your friends. This feature is currently  available on desktop and Android devices. For iOS it will updated soon.
By this feature I can able to share live stream short clips.

2. Hashtag Update

Basically decorators for using hashtags in their titles and description. The hashtag must be related to your content so their categories that hashtags according to their content. If you are using hashtags in title. you may see your content in a new type of search results page made specifically for hashtags. Now In this update you can check your video by typing a hashtag into the search bar and selecting the hashtag result or by clicking a hashtag you see on YouTube. So Try to including some more hashtags related to your content for Make it easy to find your  your content

3. New Premiere Feature

In this new premiere feature they give you more opportunities to watch together with your community. First is a feature we’re calling Live Redirect. Think of Live Redirect like a pre-show for your Premieres. This feature lets you direct your fans to a Premiere from a live stream when your Premiere is ready to start. The second feature, is Trailers. The trailers are short videos you can upload to your Premiere watch page. This way, your fans can see a sneak peak of your video Premiere before it goes live.

Other New Upcoming Updated

The other new upcoming feature is a new applause feature that lets fans purchase a one-time clapping animation in support of their favorite YouTube channels. This is similar to join and sticker feature
In upcoming months the YouTube launch new feature for kids watching regular YouTube . In this feature giving  parents a new choice to allow their kids to access regular YouTube through a supervised account. The experience will feel much like regular YouTube but with adjustments to things like the content they can find and watch the features available, and the ads they see.

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