How to use YouTube creator studio application

 How to use YouTube creator studio application


The creator studio application is mainly used by YouTube creators for editing the year YouTube video title description and tag
Most of the YouTube creator does not use laptops for Chrome browser for editing YouTube video titles and description
Most of the YouTube creator studio using mobile for upgrading their videos so that the YouTube creators use the official creator studio application. I will give clear year review about the YouTube creator studio application in this post

How to install and use

The YouTube creator studio application is available in Play Store .so that you can download it from your Play Store application or you can click the link given below in this post and download it
After downloading the application login with your email ID that you provided for your YouTube channel. click here to install
Once you login in with your email ID your channel dashboard will opens. Then you can see  your channel analytics. Now you can edit your video titles description and tags section

Main features

In YouTube creator studio you can reply your video comments easily and also pin your favorite comments
In YouTube creator studio application you can add thumbnails easily by clicking the edit option
In this application most of the YouTube creators edit their video titles very simply e and ud get the YouTube statistics
After uploading your YouTube video the creator studio app shows the ranking of your video by last 10 video that you upload in your channel
If your channel is monetized you can see the estimated revenue for each of the video
In YouTube creator studio you can analyze that how many views in last 30 days
You can also get the watch time of your channel and audience retention each individual videos
You can easily search particular video that you want to edit by clicking the search option
In this application you can filter most popular videos and most recent videos
If you want to to check how many videos reach 5k views. Just filter by entering above 5k views


Most of the YouTube creators are using the creative studio application for the year editing purpose. If you are using Chrome browser for editing your video titles and views your video analysis. Now try YouTube creator studio application for editing and analysis your YouTube videos. I think this post will help you to edit your videos and replying your video comments easily without any difficulties.

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