How to use Google classroom app and its features

 How to use Google classroom app and its features


Hi friends today I tell about the uses of Google classroom application. Google classroom application is mainly used by students for the year studies.
So every student must install the app and enjoy the benefits of Google classroom applications and improve your studying experience

How to install and use the Google classroom app

Google classroom application is downloaded from Play Store by searching Google classroom in the search bar of the Play Store application. you can also download the Google classroom application by clicking the link given in this post
After installing the Google classroom application you can sign the application with your email address then create your account name. After creating your Google classroom account you can join your classroom with your Google classroom ID that is created by user professor or teacher. The teacher’s can be easily create Google classroom ID and share that ID to the students or teachers can directly add students.

Main features of google classroom app

The teacher’s can assign assignments to the students through this Google classroom app.
Through this app that teaches can provide notes as a document and also share photos, images & videos. Students can download the class materials directly to the drive. The teachers can also assignment question and answer session for the students.
Mainly teacher can assign a project through the classroom app and give a deadline the submission of project. So that the students send the project before the deadlines otherwise the student cant able to submit their project to the classroom app so that the teachers can easily identify the project submission date and provide the marks directly e through the classroom application for the respective students.
The students can also join more than one classes in the classroom app. But it can also create classroom for different it classes


Google classroom app is mainly used to save the time and paper less projects overflow. Through this app students and teachers connected inside and outside of the school. For teachers the assignment distribution is organized

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