How to increase reels views in Instagram

How to increase reels views in Instagram 


Hello guys in this post I will explain about how to increase your Instagram reels video actually I analyze my reels video 3 months to get the exact result for getting more views in reels. So that I will share my analysis on Instagram reels through this post so that you read this post and play the steps to get more views in your reels views. For increasing your reels view you you need to to follow three steps.

Consistently making reels video on Instagram

In Instagram most of the people’s making reels video at their free Time . No one make videos regularly so that Instagram does not boosting your video according to their algorithm. Just you check the most popular rails video in Instagram or the popular Instagram ID so that you can get a clear analysis about the reels video views. Most of the popular Reels maker uploading regular Reels video so that you tried to upload reels video in regular interval of time so that the Instagram definitely boost Your reels video and recommend your videos to most of the viewers.

Making attractive videos and improve video quality

When you create the reels video you must concentrate on video content and quality. If you create low quality video for poor contact video the view was just skipped your video without watching your video completely. So that you can’t get audience retention. The audience retention means the average view duration of your rails video. If you create 30 seconds video with poor quality of content viewers skip your video with in 30 seconds or 10 seconds so that your audience retention will decrease. According to Instagram algorithm the Instagram boost only  high audience retention videos so that you try to make quality videos and quality content video to improve your audience retention. So so your audience retention increase automatically Instagram recommend your videos to many peoples.

Make trending videos

Most simple way to to increase reels video is making trending topic reels video.
If you make a normal video it is not search by the view was audience Instagram but you create trending reels video by using trending music it will automatically suggested to most of the view was and also the view was search the video. so when you create a release video make sure that it is on Trend. You can also use trending musics so that the peoples search or like to view music related videos.


In my 3 month experience I get this three methods to to increase the reels video genuinely. You can apply this three methods in your rails video definitely it will help to to increase your reels video normally by Instagram suggestion

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