Eligibility for getting Story tab in YouTube & its Usage

Usage of Story tab in YouTube 

Hi guys today in this post I will explain about the usage of story tab in YouTube mostly the youtubers add stories In their channel like there video clips and snake peaks of their upcoming videos. I clearly explain the usage of story tab in YouTube

Eligibility to enable YouTube story tab

If you want to upload story video in your YouTube channel you need to to enable the story tab option in yo
ur channel. For that any two to reach at least 10000 subscribers to get the story tab option in your channel. For my channel story type and number after I cross 15k channel subscribers. So that you need to concentrate on your channel and gain subscribers to enable story tab.

What is the main purpose of story tab

By using this story time in YouTube you can upload the snake pics of your upcoming videos and any other behind scenes of your already uploaded videos.
Most of the channels using their story tab to to give small tips and share small information to their channel subscribers and gain more subscribers to the story time. The story time reach more of your subscribers and also related audience .
Basically I upload simple short video in my channel with my  latest uploaded video. In YouTube story you can add the thumbnail of your latest uploaded video. so that the peoples click the thumbnail and watch the video .so that you can increase your video views through the story tab. You can add the latest uploaded video thumbnail in your story only one time a week. If you have another channel you can also add your other channel video in story time so that you can drive your audience to your second channel it is more helpful to grow your second channel.
After you upload story you can see the analytics like how many views you get in last 7 days and also we can see how many subscribers you gain from the story time it is helpful to motivate yourself uploading story and videos.

Usage of Story tab in YouTube 

Features in YouTube story tab

In story tab you can add emoji and gif files also. In default YouTube provide many stickers to decorate your story tab videos to attract more audience to your channel so that every youtubers must concentrate on this story videos . so everyone must upload stories regularly to gain more subscribers and views

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