How to make thumbnail for YouTube

How to make thumbnail for YouTube


Hi friends today in this post I will tell about how to make professional thumbnail for your YouTube videos. Many big YouTubers create thumbnails professionally for attracting audience
Grow your YouTube channel the thumbnail Plays major role. So in this post I will give some tips to to make good thumbnail for your videos

How to make thumbnail

If you want to create thumbnail you need thumbnail creator app. In Play Store there are many e applications available for editing images and creating thumbnails . But I recommend pixel lab app for editing your thumbnail.
click here to install
In my starting stage I am using plenty of thumbnail making apps but I cant able to make perfect thumbnail for my YouTube videos. After that I am install the pixel lab app from Play Store. Most of the YouTubers using pixel lab for making their thumbnails so that I am also using the pixel lab for making my YouTube channel thumbnails. You can check ok my thumbnails in my YouTube channel just click the YouTube link given in this site. Now I give ideas to to make thumbnails by using the pixel lab application.
First of all install the pixel lab application from Play Store or I give the link to download the pixel lab application . After installing the pixel lab app give permission to access your storage then only you can import your image that you want to edit for your thumbnail. After opening the pixel lab application you need to choose the image size. Because the YouTube thumbnail must be in 16:9 ratio. in pixel lab just click the image size option and select YouTube thumbnail size the many options and many sizes are available with the corresponding size name . In pixel lab there are many fonts available so you can click plus icon &  add text with your favorite font.
After adding your main thumbnail image just increase your contrast to attract your audience. The main thing you need to know that your thumbnail must have text but the text limit below 6 words. In your company you give gradient colors for eye catching thumbnail.
According to the YouTube rules and regulation details must be related to your YouTube video .
Your company must be unique because your audience can identify your channel with your unique thumbnail. The main main thing you want to know that you are thumbnail does not contain any copyrighted image

Main features of pixel lab

In pixel lab you can export your company in many sizes and many quality. For YouTube your company must be in the size of below 2MB
By using this application you can erase images and crop images for your need


In pixel lab application I Create 200 + thumbnails and it will help to grow my channel . Most of the popular YouTubers using this application for creating there thumbnails. The main advantages of this application is user-friendly . So you only know little bit knowledge about this application to create a perfect thumbnail. So try the application for making your thumbnail for YouTube and grow more.

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