How to grow YouTube channel & Apply YouTube monetization

 How to grow YouTube channel & Apply YouTube monetization


In this post I will explain how to to create and grow YouTube channel for applying monetization
I have 3 year experience as YouTube creator so that I will give my YouTube experience in this post to grow your channel

How to create YouTube channel

Open YouTube app and sign in with your email ID then in the YouTube app. you can see the logo of your email ID. Click the logo and create your channel by creating your unique channel name. That’s it your channel is created successfully. Now you can upload your video. The video must be unique and most attractive. After uploading your own video simply open the chrome and verify your channel using your mobile number.
After uploading the video in your channel you need to set thumbnail for your video then only the view was know about your video
Now you need to to create your title that related to your video content. Now create a description. The description must be included with tags and the content you uploaded.
Now you fill the tag section
After filling tag, title and description select the audience that means the video that you upload please made for children or not made for children

Monetization eligibility

Your channel videos Must reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers within 1 year for monetization eligibility.
Mainly your channel does not get copyright strike on community guidelines strike. If your channel get any one of the strike you can’t able to to monetize your YouTube channel.
In the next post I will clearly explain how to to apply AdSense for your YouTube channel
For monetization you must follow the rules that provided by YouTube privacy policy
I give more tips to grow your channel like how to to give tags titles and description.
After monetization you go to live in your channel the super chat option will enable. By using the super chat option may be your audience send rewards for your service


In YouTube You can apply for YouTube partner program by following the above given steps. Just choose a good content and making videos regularly. If you get regular audience for your channel when your channel will grow automatically and you grow is your channel easily. If you have any doubts about creating channel any other doubts just you can search your queries in YouTube .There are lot of videos available to creating and growing YouTube channel. I will post all YouTube details in future.

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