How to use video maker app for creating YouTube videos

How to use video maker app for creating YouTube videos


Hi friends today in this post I will explain about how to create YouTube videos by using video maker app. Many peoples using different apps for making their YouTube videos. But video maker app please very simple to create YouTube videos. So that in this post I will explain how to to create YouTube videos by using video maker app.

How to install and use video maker app

You can download this application from the Play Store or I will give you the link to download this application. Click here to download it. After downloading and opening this application you can start editing video. Now import the video you want to edit. Now leave only the part you need and cut the other parts of the video . If you want to merge any of the video just import and merge by using merge option. You can also add background music for your video for that you can add music from your local storage or through online. If you want to add text in your video just a click text option then add text and also change the font size and font style.

Main features of video maker app

With this application you can create a powerful videos without any watermarks you can upload in YouTube ab so that you have tends to gain more subscribers on YouTube. By using this application you can use transaction effects on your video.

This application contains many intro templates so that we can create a best intro for your YouTube channel. This application contains speed adjustment option to adjust your video running speed.

You can export videos in original quality. This application contains many transition effects how to make cinematic videos it contains dirty transaction effects like blur, scan, glitch and many more. By using this application you can increase your video contrast, brightness and saturation. You can also compress and convert your video quality by using video maker app


If you are a beginner youTuber just use video maker app to create your YouTube videos easily. You can also create short videos in YouTube because this application support more aspects ratios .

Just install this application try to make quality video for your YouTube channel and grow your YouTube channel all the best !!

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