YouTube AdSense tax Information New Update

YouTube AdSense tax Information New Update

Hi friends today in this post I will explain about the new AdSense tax information update on YouTube. Many YouTube creators are compulsory to fill the tax information in their AdSense. Explain clearly about the new update on YouTube AdSense in this post

Why we need to  tax information update on AdSense

If you are YouTube creator and your Chinese monitors you need to add tax information on your AdSense payment section to get your AdSense payment regularly without any interruption. The YouTube AdSense recently e give an update to feel tax information according to the u.s. chapter 3 law. After feeling the the tax information you need to pay tax for the revenue earned from the US. You need to fill your tax info on the YouTube AdSense payment section before 31st May otherwise your payment will hold from the AdSense.

How much we need to pay tax

If you are a YouTube creator you get views and revenues from the the US location that is your video is viewed from the US and it will generate and revenue from your AdSense .

For example you get thousand dollars from the US location then you need to pay tax treaty according to your location . The percentage is approximately zero percentage to 30 percentage. If you need to pay 30 % of tax from the US revenue earned you need to pay $300 from the thousand dollars revenue uh generated from U.S Views.

If you fail to fill tax information what will happen

If you fail to to add your tax information in your AdSense account the YouTube AdSense will detect 24 percentage of your worldwide earnings from your YouTube channel so that you must feel your tax information before 31st May 2021.

If you not get any views from U.S therefore you can’t get any revenue from the US location so that you no need to to worry about the tax. Only detect the revenue generated from the US location by viewing ads from US location


If you are a YouTube creator with monetization channel don’t delay just fill the tax information immediately to get AdSense payment without any interruption. The tax information filling process is very simple just 6 steps so that you can easily complete the process within 10 to 20 minutes

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