‘Key moment’ David Lammy ridiculed for not knowing when Churchill became Prime Minister

In an interview with BBC News, the Shadow Foreign Secretary was asked if the time was right for the Prime Minister to step down amid the Ukraine war.

Lammy said: “Churchill replaced Chamberlain just days before World War II, Lloyd George replaced (Herbert Henry) Asquith weeks after the Somme, (Anthony) Eden lost his job during the Suez crisis.

“Theresa May left during the Brexit debacle, David Cameron left once he lost a second referendum – in our constitution, the Prime Minister is first among equals, and there are always others in the cabinet who can take over.

Paul Embery, union activist and columnist, said in response: “Really strange that a senior politician doesn’t know that the war was already underway when Churchill replaced Chamberlain.

“It was a key moment in our history.”

On May 8, 1940, following the Nazi occupation of Norway and before the German invasion of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, then-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain suffered a Labor-led split in the House of Commons, which reduced its working majority.

Following the Norway Debate, Mr. Chamberlain advised King George VI to appoint Mr. Churchill as Prime Minister on May 10.

Churchill then began his term as prime minister of the coalition by forming a five-man war cabinet that included Chamberlain as Lord President of the Council and Labor leader Clement Attlee as Lord Privy Seal.

He left office in 1945, after losing an election to Attlee.

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Daniel Hannan also responded to Mr. Lammy’s interview, saying “I’m afraid he didn’t have any three at all.”

The adviser to the UK Board of Trade noted: “Lloyd George replaced Asquith after the Somme Offensive was over.

“Eden resigned the year after Suez following a health problem.”

TalkRadio host Julia Harley-Brewer said in response to Embery: “Weird but, when it comes to our Lammy, it’s not even remotely surprising.”

Andrew Neil, editor of the Spectator, also said: “Any and all of Mr. Lammy’s historical analogies are factually incorrect.”


It followed calls for Johnson to resign from Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak received notices of fixed fines from the Metropolitan Police for a party in Downing Street in June 2021.

Sir Keir said the prime minister and chancellor had broken the law and “repeatedly lied to the British public” about the scandal.

He added: “The Conservatives are totally incapable of governing. Britain deserves better.”

Sir Roger Gale, a Conservative MP who previously called on Johnson to resign over the scandal, said while the fine was “serious”, now was not the time to “topple” the prime minister.

He said: “My position remains that the fact that the Prime Minister has effectively misled the House of Commons is a very serious problem, but we are in the midst of an international crisis and I am not prepared to give Vladimir Putin any consolation. of thinking that we are about to topple the UK Prime Minister and destabilize the coalition against Putin.

“So any reaction to this will have to wait until we have dealt with the main crisis, which is Ukraine and the Donbas.”

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